Apps Numbers And High Resolution Camera: Mantra To Dominate In Smartphone Market ?

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The number of apps content in Android Market has reached to 450,000 and Apple Apps Store is current acquiring 550,000 apps. However, Microsoft as well as RIM is far behind in this race. Presently, Microsoft has unveiled its windows 8—the company has tried to bring OS on ARM architecture. Similarly, RIM has also released its PlayBook OS 2.0 version last week, and now the company is planning to introduce the next version of handset OS–BlackBerry 10–later this year.

The head of developers relations at RIM—Alec Saunders—said, “What does it mean to have 500,000 or 700,000 apps on a platform? There may be 30,000 unique apps in existence in that. There is a lot of duplication. Android has 900 solitaire apps, and the App Store has 1,200.”

RIM is currently trying to lure more number of developers to work for BlackBerry platforms. The company has done some experiment with its latest PlayBook OS 2.0 version— a redesigned RIM’s App World Store will support Android applications. The company is quite satisfied with the launch of its latest PlayBook OS 2.0 version.  The company has reportedly said that 30% of playbook owner upgraded their devices within the first 24 hrs and over half of users have upgraded to new OS a week later.

RIM apps count 60,000 at the moment—7,000 are submitted for PlayBook—and the company is trying to boost the number of apps to satisfy more number of users. The numbers of apps in RIM’s World App Store is negligible in compare to the number of apps available in the iOS and Android apps stores. But, I little disagree with Saunders who said, these apps have pointless ambitions. It’s truth that there’s huge duplications of Apps in Android and Apple’s apps store but it does not mean that they all are non-ambitious. I little agree with Saunders that the size doesn’t matter and also Android has 900 solitaire apps.

For developers, there’s lot to do on Android and iOS platform due to intense competition. A wide range of apps are available on these platforms—a huge number of similar apps are also avail by different developers. On the other hand, the developers have little to do BlackBerry platform due to less competition. The Android and iOS apps are available at the nominal price or sometimes free for users but users will have to pay lots in order to have app on the BlackBerry platform. That’s why; BlackBerry developers get more money for developing the apps. However, last month, RIM has tried to attract Android developers to un-package the Android apps for its PlayBook environment. I have no discrimination that due to vast availability of apps in Android Market have accounted 850,000 its devices activation per day. The availability of apps is directly proportional to the number of activation. As you have more number of unique apps, more numbers of users will be attracted. It’s better to develop a user friendly apps environment rather pretend or being supercilious, hence, RIM should have to work hard on its apps platform.

I agree with Saunders that a company cannot win the race in Smartphone sector just implementing 41 MPs camera in their Smartphone. It’s ridiculous that you are providing a raw material of 41 MPs but your output is 8Mps. It’s better to focus on the more features in the Smartphone rather than 41 MP camera. 8-17 MP pixels camera in the Smartphone is sufficient to fulfill the users’ requirement, that’s why most of the Smartphone manufacturers are trying to implement such megapixels range in their devices.


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