Will Microsoft’s “Googlighting” Video Campaign Against Google Benefit Office 365 ?

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Microsoft has always been attempting to suppress their contenders by anyhow. And this time, the company has released another new video against Google.  The company has pointed out the movement of Google onto Microsoft’s productivity software.  The company has also targeted Google’s ‘set of customers level’. Microsoft has disparaged Google over several issues such as constantly changing feature, lack of flexibility, and privacy. Besides, Microsoft has articulated the video on its Technet blog with the title “Googlighting”.

Microsoft has tagged on its blog, “The single, biggest difference between our approach and Google’s is expertise. The folks at Google are smart. Without any experience in developing business tools, they rebranded their consumer e-mail and embedded it with a few web applications, and “Voila!” there was a “business” offering. The problem is that retrofitting consumer apps for businesses doesn’t work very well. Even organizations “Going Google” recognize that it comes with big compromises.”

Microsoft uploaded the video on YouTube yesterday; the video demonstrates an over-confident salesman wearing a white suit and multicolored tie—depicts Google logo. The salesman comes one hour late to his appointment. The salesman has 12 years of advertising experience and meets with a company’s executive to sell his (Google) productivity software.  Female executive asks the Google pitchman: “wait, you want us to be your lab rats?”

Pitchman respond: “pioneer”


Again Executive asked: “I could come to work and the software could be different than the day before?”

The Google pitchman respond: “Different, better, completely gone, who knows what the future holds for Google Apps?”

A singer appears in the video at the end and starts singing  a “Jingle”, the song predicts the ultimate demise of Google Apps. The executive ask lots of tough questions, but salesman is unable to answer most of them.


This is not the first time when Microsoft has tried to assert Google. Prior to this video, Microsoft attacked Google’s Gmail in July—Microsoft Office 365 team created a burlesque video that poked on Gmail. The video demonstrates how Microsoft is attacking over Gmail:



Undoubtedly, Google App is cheaper than Microsoft’s Office 365; however, it has several limitations. Considering Microsoft Excel which is  miles ahead than others in the aspect of spreadsheet creation and management—it’s still most important application for businesses. Microsoft has always been lashing out Google with privacy issues. In its previous video, the company targeted to the Google’s product, but, this time, it has taken Google’s marketing team. According to video, apparently, Google marketers are not conscious towards their business. The company has tried to pull the leg of Google by figuring out the differences in statement and act.  Microsoft is trying to attract businesses for Office 365—Microsoft’s cloud based productivity software. Office 365 carries Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, and SharePoint on the cloud—in order to make perfect collaboration. Recently Google has changed its privacy policy—consolidating 60 different policies into one—so, one can’t move out from the existing Google’s services unless stop using all Google products. Taking advantages of this privacy policy, Microsoft wants to position its software as better proposition for businesses.

Microsoft has endeavored to show a complete change of marketing team. However, the company’s attempt to assert Google’s Gmail,  has not yet made any impact on the Google’s product business. It’s quite obvious; Google’s tremendous growth rate has somehow frustrated Microsoft. Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s Office 365 is outstanding, but, Google App also has distinctive flavor. I think, the video is quite funny, but, will not make any influence on Google’s productive software.


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