Study: iOS And Android device Activation As Well As Apps Downloads Were Maximum On Christmas Day

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The Christmas day has always been a special day for manufacturers, actually, the day is also considered as the “day-of-gift”.  Smartphones and Tablets were most preferred gift for folks on the last Christmas day, which had apparently benefited to specific device manufacturers. Thanks to Analysis firm “Flurry”,  which had tried to analyze numbers of iOS and Android app downloads between Dec 1-20 and the Christmas day. The analysis firm reported that more iOS and Android apps were downloaded on Christmas day compare to other days of holidays session between Dec 1 -20.Both Apple and Google incredibly marked successes  in the market and surpassed 10 billion apps downloads at the end of last year. Numbers of  apps download from both the companies especially on the Christmas day last year,  had stunningly increased than a year before.

Flurry detected numbers of new iOS and Android devices worldwide  and established a baseline using the average from the first 20 days of December last year. The average activation was 1.5 million during baseline period, while activation soared  more than 6.8 million on the Christmas day–a 353% increment compare to baseline period activation.

The average downloads between Dec1-20 baseline was 108 million per day whereas the apps download on Christmas day was 242 million. Astoundingly, it’s 125% more on Christmas day compare to its baseline and also quarter of billion apps were downloaded on the Christmas day.

The chart above compares downloads per hours occurred in Dec 1-20 baseline and Christmas day. The apps download was at the zenith level at the 8 Pm on the Christmas day and at 9 Pm for the baseline days. The apps download reached to over 8 million at 9Pm in baseline days, whereas, it was approximately near to 16 million at 8 Pm on the Christmas day. The gray time in the above graph represents the “Prime time” slot between 7Pm-10 Pm. The gray time was  considered as prime time because most of the apps downloaded at this time period. Total apps downloaded between11 Am to 11 Pm on the Christmas day were over 175 million.

It was quite obvious that the last Christmas day was definitely very special for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Definitely, the demands of Smartphones and Tablets were quite high in December last year.  Mobile device activation and apps downloads outperformed and made a new record in the holiday season last year.

source: Flurry


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