US And European Regulators Approved Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility

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The internet giant–Google– invested a lot capital ($12.5 billion) to acquire Motorola Mobility. After long wait,  the legal maneuvers have been being finalized by the US and European regulators on Monday. The US and European regulators has approved Google to purchase Motorola mobility. Presently, Google is facing a stiff resistance from Apple—which develops both hardware and software. The deal will provide a stringent support to Google especially to access Motorola patent portfolio. Like Apple, Google will also create a suitable integrated hardware and software ecosystem to improve its market share. Recently, the market capitalization of the Apple has surpassed the total market capitalization of Microsoft and Google combined.

Definitely, the approval of Google to purchase Motorola Mobility by US and European regulators was most susceptible decision on the Monday. If Google buy Motorola Mobility, 17,000 patents and 7,500 patent applications come under the company—which will support the company to stand firmly against their rivals like Apple and Microsoft. However, the regulators in China and Israel have not yet given any legal approval to the company to buy Motorola Mobility—a source has reportedly stated that China regulators will discuss the issue until March 20.

The US Justice Department added in a statement, “Google’s commitments have been less clear. The division determined that the acquisition of the patents by Google did not substantially lessen competition, but how Google may exercise its patents in the future remains a significant concern.”

The approval of deal has given an opportunity to Google to prove itself in the mobile space worldwide. Besides IP right, the deal will double the company’s total work force and would also give a roadmap to make relationship with other Mobile device manufacturers. The deal is a sigh of relief for Android OS-based manufacturers—over 150 million devices are being powered by Android worldwide including Motorola’s lineup of Droid.

It’s well known Google is leading in search engine, and acquired Android in 2005. The company embarked its journey 2005 onward in mobile sector under the guidance of the founder of Android—Andy Rubin. Previously, Google and Apple was partner—Google provided its search engine and Google Map to Apple—, but now both are rival to each other. Google knows very well that the company only can assert Apple if it manufactures its own devices—Smartphone, Tablets and more. That’s why; the company’s endeavor with Motorola Mobility will give a consistent experience across lineup of devices.

The company is currently working on the number of projects including next generation next generation personal communication devices, home entertainment system and HUD glasses. The company has also announced to launch its innovative Smartphone and Tablet later this year. Anyway, the approval of US and European regulator has just opened a door; a long journey is still ahead to travel by Google and Motorola Mobility will have to travel a long .



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