Who Will Kill iPad: Microsoft, Google, Intel Or Apple Itself ?

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Now, Windows 8 is on the way to be launched later this year, and there’s a huge expectation of folks that it might be succeeded to defeat Apple’s iOS in the Tablet segment. The question is all about Google’s innovative mobile OS “Android”, whether it’s potential viable to compete Apple’s iOS in Tablet segment. It’s well known that Amazon’s Kindle Fire was only the Android-based Tablet so far that gave stiff competition to Apple’s iPad in Q4 last year. Thanks to Kindle fire which has had lured huge numbers of users by Amazon’s strategy and perfect integration of online services. However, after Microsoft’s announcement of “Windows on ARM”, it has raised some hope among the users that the device would crash the raucous Apple.

There are numbers of Android-based Tablet manufacturers including Motorola, Samsung, and more, but all have remained unsuccessful to lure a vast folks. However, Samsung and Asus have succeeded to mark a glimpse in the Tablet market. I agree with Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore said last week,

“No iPad-Killer in this bunch.” He also added, “In the past 12 months, the tablet market has been flooded with a slew of Android-based devices; none of which have matched the success of the iPad. From a hardware perspective, it is clear most offerings are ‘me-too’ with little to no differentiation. We continue to believe these Android-based ‘iPad-killers’ will fall short. Many [device makers] seem to agree and are shifting their efforts on Win8 based tablets, which should ship in 2H12 (second half 2012).”

The above picture reveals Microsoft’s Windows 8 metro screen, showing Microsoft office 15 applications. The full version of Office on Tablet might be the trump card for the company. The company has done number of similar experiments to lure Tablet users on its Windows 8.

Undoubtedly, Kindle Fire has done an extraordinary job for Android’s campaign. Along with Kindle Fire, Noble’s Nook Tablet is also considered as big players—which could assert Apple’s iPad. However, Google has also planned to launch its revolutionary Tablet “Nexus” first half of this year at the nominal price with highest features.

It’s well known that Microsoft’s mobile operating system has not been as effective as iOS. But Microsoft’s recent experiment—transferring Windows OS on the ARM will provide an awesome Tablet experience—and perfect integration of its most lethal weapon (Office) on the Tablet might attract users to own the device. Recently, Microsoft had announced a manufacturer documents for the Windows 8. It’s well known the Windows-based device will definitely have high resolution display screen and quad-core processor—which is capable to give tough competition to iPad.

The war is not being ended, Apple’s third generation Tablet—iPad 3—is going to be launched in first week of March this year—which possesses an extraordinary features, and also high-resolution screen display.

I think Google’s “Nexus” could cannibalize its manufacturers, really, a big question is that if Google is offering the Tablet powered by Android OS at the nominal price ($199), and also with the highest features, then tell me, who is going to purchase Android-based Kindle Fire or Samsung’s Tablet (cost around $400-$500). Undoubtedly, Kindle fire has its own quality—a perfect blend of strategy and online services—but the presence “Nexus” in the market might jeopardize its shipment. Allegedly, the fragmentation of Android has also become intense challenge for Google.

Anyway, Apple is really a big player in the battle field; despite of huge maneuver by opponents, the company has sustained its supremacy. It’s truth that, at present none rivals are so potent, they could combat the company. But, it’s also true that Microsoft has nothing to lose, there’s a lot to gain for the company. And also, Google’s Nexus might not be underrated, along these, Kindle Fire has proven itself in the market.


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