Smartphone Was The Most Preferred Electronic Gadget In Last Holiday Season

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Smartphone was the most attention-grabbing gadget among all electronics consumers products in the last holiday season. It’s well known that the Christmas holiday is the season of gift exchange, and Smartphone was considered as the most preferred present among users. That’s why, Smartphone sale dominated over all electronics gadget in selling. The market research firm—NPD—estimated that the total revenue collection for all electronics in the last five weeks till December 24  last year was $9.5 billion.

The folks were shown lack of interest towards other electronics consumers gadgets except Smartphones and Tablets. The demand of Tablets rose in last quarter due to low-price strategy by different manufacturer like Amazon in the market. It has been estimated that the Smartphone business ate 5.9% of total electronic gadget market in the last holiday session.  The sales of a sequence of the gadgets including camcorders, digital picture frame, and GPS navigation device slipped by 43%, 38%, and 33% respectively, while, the drop in MP3 and “point and shoot” cameras were recorded by 21%.

The traditional devices were no longer remained eye-catching for consumers in last holiday season. However, the average selling price of  PCs were able to sustain the trend of increment since last year, marked an augmentation of $9 and succeeded to reach a price tag of $575. The sales of electronics devices like TV and PC plummeted by 4%, while , the sales of Desktop PC and Notebook recorded to down by 2% and 5% respectively.

The NPD’s vice president of Industry Analysis—Stephen Baker—said; “The accelerated rate of decline in older technology categories such as DVD, GPS and MP3 players put a ceiling on how well the industry could perform during the Holidays.”

However, HDTV had helped in maintaining the dignity of TV sales, the demand of stand-alone streaming device—LED TV by Apple—was implausible. Apple TV squashed the market with 65% jump and Home Theater sales were also recorded an increment of 10% in last holidays season.

It’s clear from the above report that Apple was really biggest fish in the last holiday session–grabbed a major portion of the electronics gadget market with its lineup of products. A recent report by Canaccord Genuity has revealed that Apple’s smartphone had shown 31% augmentation in Q4 than Q3  last year. It’s quite worthy to say that Apple sold over 37 million Smartphone in Q4 last year, followed by Samsung sold 35 million units.


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