Tim’s Decision To Appoint John Browett As New VP Is Rational ?

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Apple is very aggressive about its retail stores in this time, and that’s why the company is trying number of maneuver for its proliferation. Last week on Tuesday, the company announced that John Browett is going to be a new senior VP of the company’s retail. It seems that John is appropriate for filling the Ron Johnson’s place—helped Steve to design the company’s first ever Apple Store in 2000. John left the company in June 2011 to show the way J.C. Penny as CEO. John did MBA at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, and worked for a short stint as a management consultant prior to join the UK’s largest retailer Tesco in 1998. John took the responsibility of Dixon retail in 2007, and played crucial role to repair the slapdash customer service.

Recently, one Apple’ fan—a photographer by profession Tony Hart—wrote an email to the company’s CEO—Tim Cook—explaining his concern with new hire.

Tony wrote, “Now, I don’t know John or his career in the least, but as a UK consumer I am familiar with Dixons and the DSG group that owns them and other similar stores. They have a spectacularly bad reputation and are considered to be one of the worst retailers in the UK in any market. It would be a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy to say that John’s reputation is the same as Dixons, but as a long-time Apple supporter and a user who wants to see the best for the company, I wanted to voice my concerns on reading this news.”

As many folks foresee that John will hopefully do a superb job for the company. But the majority of folks are also fanatic about the company’s brand; it should be like Apple but not like Dixons. In defense of own offbeat decision, Tim wrote an email back to Tom, convincing him that John was the best among all eligible candidates so far he had seen. Tim also said that he is poised to move the company at the zenith in the customer services and satisfaction.

I think none has any doubt about Tim’s talent—brought the company at a highest level ever after sad demise of Steve in Oct 2011. Tim sustained his responsibility with customer concern, before Steve’s demise, he had regularly been answering clients’ queries. Undoubtedly, Tim’s decision will definitely benefit the company and expecting it might true.

Apple has full faith on 48-year-old John due to his keen financial and customer service savvy, and most suitable for sustaining the company’s brand. Unlike Steve, John hates to manage the company’s financial and customers’ services through the boardroom.

Recently, in Q4 (calendar) last year, Apple’s retail store had contributed $6.1 billion revenue—had broken all of its previous records. At present, the company has 358 retail stores and 130,000 sales points worldwide. Whatever be the subterfuge, Tim’s decision is only fruitful when John’s contribution will give a new height to the company.


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