Social media titan Facebook is going through rough patches, as complains towards operational and functionality are on rise. Few weeks back it was announced that soon Timeline will become mandatory for all users followed by the introduction of 60 open graph applications to strengthen the significance of it. Though, Timeline was announced in F8 developers meet, but for introduced after two months as an optional Facebook upgrade.

Interestingly, many of the users have still not switched over to Timeline till date, but in coming days they all will be upgraded automatically by Facebook.

Taking the view of the announcement made by Facebook about Timeline as mandatory, an Infographic has been released by SodaHead which enlightens public opinion towards Facebook Timeline.

Surprisingly, it exposes that near about 70 percent of the users don’t like the new Timeline compare to mere 20 percent who have voted in favor of Timeline. Infographic also reveals that 30 percent users in the age group of 18-24 like the Timeline most, while only 10 percent users in the age group of 65+ likes Timeline.

It also showcases that both male and female have same view towards Facebook Timeline. Near about 77 percent of male and female don’t like the Facebook Timeline compared to 23 percent stand by Timeline.

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