Diablo III : Will The Game Title Revitalize The Classic RPG Genre Of PC Games

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Blizzard Entertainment, developers worldwide acclaimed for their Role Playing Game titles like Warcraft,Diablo,World Of Warcraft etc. are going to release the next installment of the action RPG game series,Diablo. This next version of the game is the third in the series and will feature the similar style gameplay as that of its predecessor,Diablo II. The game looks bloody awesome and features the same bird-eye view camera action, hack and slash element,the storyline with classic dark fantasy and creepy dungeons to crawl. Not  much RPG game titles like it are available at the moment for the gamers who love action-role playing games. It will be interesting to witness whether this latest installment of Diablo will quench the thirst of gamers and be able to compete with lots of upcoming game titles in different genre.

Diablo this time dumbed its Havok physics engine and will feature the in-house game engine which will utilize Blizzard’s custom physics  for delivering destructible environments featuring in-game damage effects. The developers are also striving hard to release it for various gaming platforms available worldwide and have announced that Direct x10 will not be required for running the game. Diablo III will feature custom 3D game engine in order to render bird-eye view to the gamers just like prior game titles. Graphics of the game is much more enhanced as witnessed by gamers who had their hands on the small beta version of the game. The beta version featured highly detailed world and characters, high-resolution textures, mind-boggling in-game animations and astounding visual effects. Diablo III has highly involving storyline which will contain high variety of NPC’s and enemy bosses which will utilize the 3D environment as well during the combat. Blizzard will be launching the game on March 31 2012 and thus the legacy of Diablo will continue. Lets see whether the game will serve the purpose as its predecessors did,until then you people can have a look at this amazing Diablo teaser.


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