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It’s very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to spend thousands of dollars to develop mobile apps for their business. SMBs don’t have sufficient time, money or extra technical acquaintance to promote their business through mobile apps. A California startup—Bizness Apps— founded by couples of college friends, which allows small businesses to develop their own mobile business apps without paying thousands of dollars.

The company has primarily focused on SMBs, allows users to create, edit, and manage their mobile business app online. Besides this, users may also add some additional features like GPS, Facebook, and Twitter sharing on their mobile apps.

Just in nine months, the startup reached to 1,000 applications, which is available in 10 different languages, and over 20 countries. The Bizness Apps’ price has been kept low, starting at 65% off even for reseller. “Bizness Apps” facilitates the SMBs to develop their mobile apps for either iOS or Android; they only need to pay $39. If they are looking to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android, then they would have to pay $59. In addition to these, after paying an extra amount of $10 per month, users can also create mobile experiences for web on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile etc. going native or HTML. The video is demonstrating that how can user design their apps using templates:


The company also provides D.I.Y option for those business owners having programming experiences; they can create apps from scratch instead of using templates. The templates have been especially provided for SMBs—those don’t have programming language. D.I.Y option provides the owner unlimited control over the design and functions of the apps. Before using the programming language, users will have to download software development kits from Apple and Android’s apps market for their respective Apple and Android mobile apps.  Apple lets the users to publish as many as apps they wish in marketplace at just $99 per year, whereas, Android demand $25 for one-time registration fee for publishing apps in the market.

Bizness Apps’ endeavor for SMBs to promote their mobile apps is highly appreciated. If the enterprises are looking for the developers for the development of their mobile apps, they will have to pay thousands of dollars and also it would take months to finish the jobs. The developers usually don’t charge the recurring fees but charge for update to app contents and technical support. But, the present afford of Bizness Apps, save time, money, and manual labor for the development of the mobile business apps.

source: BiznessApps


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