75 Percent Of BlackBerry Owners want To Migrate To Android Or iPhone

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Last year in October, when RIM was lashing out severely for its three days outage, meanwhile, Android and iOS devices had made their penetration in the market. Recently, a research analysis firm has revealed that during October/November Android was at the top in mobile operating system with 47% market share followed by Apple iOS with 43% share. During the same period, the demand of Smartphone was augmented to 50% than Q3 last year.

Once, RIM’s smartphones were most popular among businesses but now, iPhone become their first preference. A self-described gadget news aggregator—Drippler—has reported that only 25% of blackberry owners like to have another Blackberry Smartphone on their hand. Drippler also stated that 75% blackberry owners want to move out from RIM’s ecosystem and adopt Android and iOS devices for their need.

RIM was software oriented at the CES this year and introduced Blackberry OS 7.1. The latest OS has minor updates compare to its previous Blackberry OS 7.0. Additional feature to blackberry OS 7.1 is Mobile Hotspot—which allows up to five other devices to connect to the Blackberry’s internet connection.

In addition to this, last week at CES, RIM also announced that it would be forecasting the next major iteration of the Blackberry PlayBook OS, version 2.0. This version would have native e-mail feature which includes unified inbox, multitasking view tabs, search, and rich text composing. However, PlayBook lineup of Tablets and Smartphone hasn’t made any solid impact over the market till date.

RIM is really going through the rough patches and in the last month, the company’s total value worth $7.04 billion went below to its actual worth $7.08 billion. Despite of these, the company also lost trademark of its OS—BBX—and finally decided to rename it as Blackberry 10. The recent rumors also reveal that the company is seeking for potential merger. The company has declined to its lowest position and it’s the first time ever that its market share has plunged by 75% since February 2011. The majority of RIM’s owners are still obnoxious with the company’s three day outage and they have finally decided to switch over another platform like Android and iOS.



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