Skype For Windows Phone To Come Out Soon – Finally [VIDEO]

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Its been eight months since Microsoft acquired Skype and we haven’t seen a proper Skype integration in Windows Phone – till today. Finally, the good news has come for all the Windows Phone users who were patiently waiting for the moment. Skype Vice president of Products Rick Osterloh revealed that Microsoft’s Skype division is ‘working on a Windows Phone Product that will be coming out soon’, during an interview at CES 2012. So far Microsoft has typically refused to comment in detail on its Skype plans.

The earlier promise for full Skype integration for Windows Phones was late in 2011, but as we can see, that hasn’t been fulfilled. However, company is planning to bring an app to WP7 till they launch a fully-integrated version for the later builds of their operating system. It is generally believed that the proper Skype integration in Windows Phone will arrive with Appolo, which is the next major version of the Windows Phone and will arrive after Tango (which will be a minor update).


However, in the meanwhile, Microsoft could just release a Skype app platform through the Windows Marketplace for few Windows Phone 7 devices that have a front camera built-in. Skype will be integrated into number of Microsoft products like Windows 8,Lync,Xbox,etc. Although Skype-Microsoft deal is not done yet because of pending EU approval, the product planning has begun. Skype will develop number of products together in the future including the ability to call mobile, landline right inside Facebook.

Microsoft demonstrated the Skype application at MIX 2011, and this app is believed to look and feel very similar to what was originally shown. The drawback on windows phone is niche app support. As we know that Windows phone is beyond the Android and iOS , there are many apps that are left to be developed for Windows Phone.

We can expect Windows Phone to grow enough to consider it a successful start. The 1st year of Windows Phone did not seem like a success in my view, but I do think 2012 will be as Nokia is lining up many new path-breaking handsets running on Windows OS. Its not only the Microsoft, Nokia too need to smell the success badly after  such humiliating market down turn in last year.



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