Apple Dominates In The Mobile Online Shopping With 92 Percent Market Share

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After the sad demises of Steve Jobs, speculation around the world claimed that Apple would have to undergo through rough patches in upcoming years. The problem became more dense after the invasion of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the market. Despite the proliferation of Android devices in the market, Apple has dominated over the mobile shopping in 2011. A recent study of a retail Analysis firm—RichRelevance— has claimed that Apple is holding more than 92%of the market share in online mobile shopping.

Anticipation reveals that the online shopping through the mobile devices will be accelerated in US in upcoming Lunar Holidays sessions. The retail analysis firm has explained that more than 90 million of smartphone users and 24 million tablets users would be participating in the online shopping through their mobile devices in this holidays session. The research analyzed 3.4 billion shopping sessions that occurred between April to December this year to understand users pulse in 2011 and their direction in 2012.

The CEO of RichRelevance said, “The numbers across our retailing partners sites demonstrate just how powerful the iOS platform is enabling mobile web shopping and, while still below 5 percent in total conversion, mobile traffic’s doubling in eight months is a trend we only see accelerating. In order to succeed in this dynamic market, retailers and brands must ensure they are addressing relevance throughout the channels where people are shopping, ensuring a seamless experience across the interplay of device, context and consumer behavior.”

The study also depicts that the mobile traffic has been tremendously increasing due to share of large number of commerce page. The shopping session on the mobile devices has been estimated to more than 15%. The report states that only 9% of all shoppers were using digital passageways through the mobile devices in April 2011 but the demand got doubled only to augment to 18% in December 2011. Also, the mobile shopping appreciated to 3.74% in December 2011, compare to 1.87% in April 201.

The report astoundingly demonstrates that the mobile shopping was on its peak between Nov 1 and Dec 18. During this session 24% of shoppers were using mobile devices to satisfy their shopping habits. That’s why the weekend and holidays are most important time for online shopping through mobile devices. On weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday, the online shopping through the mobile jumps at the notch only to reach 17%.

After rigor investigation, the firm has explained that Apple’s mobile devices—iPhone and iPad—dominates in online shopping compare to other mobile devices. Apple dominates in total non- desktop online shopping and contribute the most 92% in Dec 2011, mounted up from 88% in April.

The Analysis firm states that Average order value of Apple devices remains larger compared to other mobile device platforms like Android. On comparing, AOV (Average Order Value) for Apple found to be $123 while for Android it was just $101 in December 2011. Infact, overall AOV was lesser in the beginning of Nov 2011 due to some economic factors.

Apple has made the tremendous growth in mobile online shopping in the last couple of years but its growth in fiscal 2011-12 is implausible. The company’s CEO—Tim Cook—is commendable who led the company with the full dignity after Steve’s demise. It’s foreseen that the company’s growth might be mounted up with swiftness in next fiscal session.


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