Facebook To Venture Into Mobile Ads Business By March 2012

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Despite of global meltdown mobile ads market is growing at a regular pace. In last few years many companies have foray into mobile ads market. witnessing the revolution and enormous potential in mobile market, social media titan Facebook is also planning to roll out new service in mobile advertisement field. It’s being expected that Facebook will roll out its first mobile ad service by the end of March 2012. This new service will give social media titan a fresh source of revenue. Also, the target date for the launch of such service has been set intelligently as much hype and awaited IPO of Facebook is also expected in mid of 2012.

It’s not an easy way ahead for Facebook in mobile ads market, since lot of competitors like Google, Apple and Millennial Media are very much active and performing well in this field for more than half a decade. However, having such a large user base will definitely help social media titan.

Facebook definitely have made some potential planning before entering in mobile ads market. Company has too much information about a person’s interests and associates that it can help advertisers in targeting the desired customers more than mobile web browsers or application.

From past one year Facebook is concentrating more on mobile industry; first it had launched mobile location-based service for offering discounts to users and later it has rolled out Facebook App for mobile directly points out Facebook hunger for expanding its business in mobile market.

Personally, I think such roll out will definitely help Facebook in surging its revenue which is expected to touch $4.27 billion by 2011 and $6.9 billion by 2012. In last few month company has taken few steps to improve its brand image in front of public. Recently, It had launched a tool in collaboration with Lifeline to reduce suicide rate which will help in gaining public attention.

Interestingly, in last few months Facebook has launched several features, like mobile app for Facebook, discount coupons, suicidal prevention tool etc, which will help in strengthening its revenue model.

Facebook is planning to raise $10 billion through IPO which would value it at more than $100 billion and taking such initiative before launch of IPO directly indicates towards Facebook efforts to create a firm financial ground by then.

Last but not the least, I think, these roll out will definitely help Facebook in strengthening it business in future.

(Source:- Bloomberg News)



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