Apple To Face Unexpected Growth of iPhone and iPad in US Next Year [STATS]

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The intention of Americans portray that the demand of Apple’s iPhone and iPad is going to grow up in 2012. In recent couples of weeks, the popularity of iPad and iPhone seems everywhere in US and definitely it would push all the assumptions next year.

An Alphawise survey reveals that the demand of iPhone and iPad would increase more than 40% next year. The Apple’s penetration in smartphone as well as in Tablet segment has grown significantly in last couples of months. The Survey also claims that the 30% of users want to own Apple’s iPhone next year which is almost double than previous year of just 16%.

An analyst at Morgan Stanley—Katy Huberty—stated, “Survey results and recent comments by AT&T indicate Apple iPhone shipments could reach 31-36 million in the calendar Q4 2011 compare to our model of 30 million.”

It’s pretty clear from the above data that the expected shipment estimation by Morgan Stanley and the Alphawise Survey varies unexpectedly. The estimation of Morgan Stanley in Q1 for iPhone is just 28 million while the recent survey by AlphaWise reveals 41 million, which is approximately 1.4 times more than Morgan Stanly.


Morgan Stanley previously estimated that the shipment of iPhone would be decreased by 7% in Q1 of 2012, while AlphaWise states that it would sequentially uptick next year. In the present scenario, it’s very difficult for anyone to predict the future shipment of smartphone.

The firm model states that the shipment of iPad in 2012 would have 52 million, while iPhone would have 134 million units. On contrary, the recent survey states that the shipment for iPad would have 81 million units whereas iPhone would have 190 million units in 2012. On comparing both of data, there is variation in shipment for iPhone as well as iPad which is 42% and 56% respectively.

Thanks to Apple, its iPad at just $399 significantly create a curiosity among users particularly among new adopters. Using advantages of cheaper iPad, Apple has opportunity to gain 22 million additional buyers.

It’s expected that Apple would introduce its high resolution iPad 3 “Retina Display” next year, and user would have opportunity to buy iPad 2 at the discount rate. Similarly, the company would offer iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models at the discount rate.

Apple has recently attracted number of Kindle’s fire’s customer; this customer delayed their purchase scheduled for Apple’s iPad. However, Apple’s iPhone and iPad might face the challenge from Android’s low price tablets and smartphones. Particularly in US, after RIM’s three days outage, the users most relying on Apple and that’s the reason why the demand of Apple’s iPad and iPhone has increased in the country.



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