Indian Students Bagged Fat Salary Package Worth $125,000 From Facebook

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Indian engineering students has been proving themselves as the most preferred and perfect choice for many MNCs. Despite of global crisis and meltdowns offers are whooping from all sides for IIT graduates. Recently, four graduates (Vignesh Avadhani, Ashish Yadav, Radhika Mittal and Arun Dobriyal) from India Institute of Technology, Kharagpur have got offer from social media titan Facebook. All these fours have been offered salary package of about $125,000 (equivalent to Rs.65 lakhs) per annum.

Each year near about 20 of IIT graduates gets fat packages from different MNCs. Of these all fours Radhika Mittal – a final year student of Computer Science & engineering – has become the first girl to get such a lucrative offer from Facebook. Celebrating her moment, she proudly said that she is the only girl from all IITs to get a placement offer from Facebook.

On an interview with Rediff, she reveals some of the interesting facts stating how she managed to bag such offer and how is she feeling. We are sure that below bytes from her interview will help many other students who are looking for a great career ahead in their life. Speaking about her selection, interview and ice-creaking process, she has reveled many interesting facts about her study style and mistakes she learnt from :


When did you appear for the interview? Could you please take us through the details of the selection process?

Facebook was the first company who had approached for placement in our college. All the students were asked to register online by taking a coding and programming test in October, 2011.

Then selected candidates were asked to emailed their grades and academic performance report.

Since the opening was for software developer, so we are asked to appear for written round and then we short listed students were asked to submit their CV. Later, three rounds of interview takes place two face to face and one telephonic by the Facebook team in US.

What would you say was the most difficult part of the interview?

I won’t say that there was any particular part which was difficult. But, nervousness shattered around while giving the test. After that I was fine.

What makes you to choose a career in programming?

I was in class XI when the programming bug first bit me. I was browsing through the programming language and the sheer fact that by writing a few lines could change the way things looked on the web fascinated me.

That’s when I decided to make it a serious vocation. I enrolled for IIT and AIEEE in which I got 375 and 1000 rank respectively.

I choose to study at Kharagpur because it’s near to my home Alipore.

What do you think the most common mistake students make while deciding a career?

Generally, career decisions are influenced at an early age, and hence some of the decisions students make at their undergraduate level may not be their own.

For me, it was a conscious choice. I spent some time in evaluating where my interests lie.

When I was in class 10, I realized that I was not interested in accounting and finance. I did not want to pursue a career in medicine either. And it was computing technology that really fascinated me.

However, most students are not able to make such choices. Today, you will find a lot of computer science students who do not have the passion for the subject and are yet pursuing it.

Your career choice should not be based on trends or subjective data. It has to be an independent and well-informed decision. Most importantly, you must love your subject and be passionate about it only then will you succeed.

What tips would you like to share with our young readers?

You have to be very passionate about the career they choose because each career comes with its own set of challenges. Unless you are passionate, you wont be able to live up to the battle each day because the competition is so high that only the hard-working and determined make the cut.

I would not be able to tell you about the other vocations, but if you wish to take up a career in computer science, you must be able to love the subject irrespective of what your influences are.

We can directly say that with each passing year interest of MNCs to hire engineering graduates from India is growing unexpectedly. Each year we come to hear several such offers which, indirectly, motivates Indian students towards their studies. Indian engineering students have shown that despite of recession their requirement in MNCs has not been substituted.

Personally, I think that Indian brains has proved themselves as the best all across the world and no one can deny this, since there are significant number of Indian employees in every MNCs in India and in abroad too. Also, the performances of Indian employees during the job has boosted the confidence of MNCs in Indian man power.

Interview Courtesy: Rediff



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