Why Apple Is Being Bullish On Opening New Retail Stores Across The Globe ?

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It’s Apple’s new strategy which has been identified after the opening of its Grand Central Terminal Store in New York City. The rush had come flocking in huge number into the store and the employees of the store seems negligible compare to the crowd.  Clearly, in the picture, employees are in red shirt, and rush gather in the central hall to see the first day sales for iPhones and iPad.

Statistically, Apple stores have made $ 14 billion revenue and $ 3.1 billion in profit from 358 stores worldwide in Q4. The data was provided together by Horace Dediu and ifoAppleStore.com on Friday. Actually, the data was provided by ifoApple Store but the total calculation was done by Horace Dediu. The chart also demonstrates that the number of visitors visited the store in 2011 and the amount of the revenue the company made. However, the chart states that the average revenue brought in by each employee has gone down.

After, Dediu’s calculation, it is clear that  Apple retail outlets’ revenue per employees was $4,81,000 in last year and the figure has dropped to $320,000 in this year. However, the revenue obtained is calculated after excluding Holiday shopping of this year.

It’s most important that instead of making less money in its store, the company has adopted a new strategy to dilute the revenue per employees, which can be possible after opening more and more stores and hiring more numbers of employees.

After escape of Ron Johnson- Ex-CEO of Apple –  from the company, it seems that the Apple’s retail business has gone done. But the company is on the way to improve the retail’s business by adopting the method to purchase of products via iOS device in the store. Also, users can purchase the products through online order. The new strategy of the company might improve its retail market business because the easy checkout business is quite helpful as well as interesting for customers.

The opening of Grand Central Terminal Apple store in New York City came to known on Wednesday but the official opening was declared to be occurred on Dec 9. The Grand Central Terminal location would provide the opportunity especially to busy Apple device owners who don’t have much of time to know how to better handle the device. The Apple device owner would have to spend a bit-size of time with the employees, who will teach them a proper way to handle and maintain the device.

Initially, the store would have 315 employees to train customers about the basic of the device like personal set-up and personal training.


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