Facebook “Pages” To Be Killed By New “Subscribe” Button For Websites?

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Facebook is trying to pee-up in the outside ecosystem of social networking websites, especially for those who have anything to do with social network sites extensively. Today, Company has announced to launch the “Subscriber Plugin” for websites and blogs – as an extension of recently launched Subscribe Button. The upcoming Subscribe plugin will allow internet users to integrate the subscribe button with their websites /blogs to allow people have all updates from such sites directly into their Facebook News & Event section. Apparently, the whole concept is influenced by the Twitter’s Follow Button.

Speaking on stage at LeWeb 2011, Facebok’s VP & Marketing Director EMEA, Joanna Shields, announced that company is working towards the launch of such plugin but didn’t spill any more beans on this.

“We will soon launch the Subscribe plugin, an extension of the Subscribe button, that publishers and other developers can add to their web sites to make it easy for people to connect to reporters and public figures in one click. We have no further details to share at this time.” Facebook statement says.

But, this has sparked a big question over the future of Facebook Pages. Generally brands, journalists, celebrities and websites who have regular updates use ‘Pages” as their preferred source of internet broadcasting. Facebook users “Like” those pages to get updates from such pages. Also, people do integrate ‘Like” button on their websites to allow Facebook users to get connected with their Facebook Page.

Now, with new subscriber plugin, scenario is no different. Infact, it would be much easier for Facebook users to get updates by Subscribing as update will come to them directly and instantly from websites unlike Facebook Pages where users don’t get updates until and unless website/blog owners don’t post updates on Facebook pages. The new single step process may replace two step processes with Pages.

However, there are few disadvantages also associated if people opt to stay with Subscribe option replacing the use of Pages. ‘Insight’ will be the biggest blow for such people as Facebook will loose control over your website stats significantly. Also, its not clear yet whether information flowing into Facebook via subscribe button will directly update Facebook users’ News & Feed section or will have separate section to view.

The new initiative is being considered as a result of an effort to combine, influence and integrate websites with Facebook. After the debut of Business Pages from Google+, Facebook wants to maintain the lead with Google+ in social media arena. Consequently, Facebook has gone through the series of updates, upgrades, launch and enhancements of many new features in last couple of weeks.

Since, there are many unanswered queries which are in cloud and exact benchmarking would be possible only after Facebook decides to unveil few more details on this. But, with all current scenarios, I am having stern reservation towards the need of Subscribe plugin.

Anyhow, we are keeping a close eye of the thread and shall update again soon with more in-depth analysis and information.


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