Google Music Officially Launched: Loads Of Free Music And Features To Experience

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Today Google has announced the most awaited “Google Music” in internet market. Earlier it was available as beta version, launched by Google in May this year, in order to help users get a feel of it and,also,enabled users to upload personal music collection (up to 20,000 songs) for free. Now it has enhanced it beta version to a broader platform – Google Music. It is mainly about discovering, sharing, and enjoying digital music in a ground-breaking and modified way. It has been expected that Google music will directly compete with Apple iTunes as well as Amazon Cloud Music service. However, Amazon service is has not achieved desired exposure till now and Google Music will definitely surpass it in a few weeks. But the main challenge for Google Music is Apple iTunes which is quite popular and it will be dead-tough for Google to surpass it in online music industry, especially when Apple is also planning to enhance iTunes in coming days.

Below Video will provide a clear view about features, advantages and specialty of Google Music:


Google Music will help users in spending more time in listening music rather than managing it since it will automatically sync entire music library – both listening and uploads – across all the devices loaded with Android or Chrome OS. One of the best feature in Google Music is that it will tact users playlists, so they can listen music from any of their gadgets. One will be surprised to know that they can also select playlists, specific album, despite of being offline also.

Purchase and Share

Google has also added a music store in its Android Based phone, users can also listen to the music directly from their Android based phones.

Currently Google music store has more than 13 million tracks from artists on Universal music group, Sony Music entertainment, EMI and the global independent rights agency, Merlin. Also, it has more than 1,000 prominent independent labels including Merge Records, Warp Records, Matador Records, XL Recordings and Naxos. In addition, Google has also partnered with world’s largest digital distributors of independent music which includes IODA, INgrooves, The Orchard and Believe Digital.

Users can individually purchase songs or entire album rights from your computer or Android devices, and music will be added instantly to users’ Google Music Library and can be accessed from anywhere.

Google has also added sharing option which will help users to share their purchased songs as well as their playlists with their friend as well Google+ circles’ friends.

Google has said that it has added variety of music which is not available on any other place for free. There is something for everyone, with a variety of free music like The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, as well as Tiesto.

Google has tried to make “Google Music” a platform which none of the music lover wants to leave. It has also added Artist hub, from where listeners can listen the songs of their respective Artists and also they can purchase as well as share it.

Below Video will provide more clear idea about Artist Hub:


Hope Google Music will be able to charm music lovers and company will add some more free music as well as tunes for users. Have you listened to the Google Music? If not, click here to experience it !


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