Is Facebook Getting Restless Over Google+ ! A Sense of Insecurity ?

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It looks like Facebook is getting restless over Google’s new entrants and has started handling Google+ had-to-head. In a recent statement Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Facebook,  has claimed that Google “is building its own little Facebook” which has fueled the fire between the management of Google and Facebook. While replying Mark Zuckerberg statement, Google’s Bradley Horowitz said that the company is delighted to be underestimated by its social network rival.

Horowitz -VP of product for Google and a key person behind Google+- has directly rejected the comparison between Google+, Facebook and other social networking sites, while having discussion with Bloomberg. He directly insisted that his company is primarily focused upon making it services better and a great experience for users.

However, he declined to give an exact figure about number of users associated with Google+, but did reveal that the company estimates that Google+ has more than 40 million users. Earlier, it has been reported that Google+ has reached 50 million users base in a record time as none other social networking sites were able to achieve such landmark in small tenure.

“The three weeks [since the announcement] seem like an eternity to us and we’ve grown significantly since then”. “Our growth keeps on amazing us but there is nothing new to announce just yet,” said Horowitz.

On a question about criticism of service and low retention of users, Horowitz cunningly replied by saying that Google is delighted by the usage of Google+ and the network it is building. He also added that the new features of Google+ will help in “staggering numbers of users coming back to the service” in coming days. Google is trying its level best to engage more users from the day of its launch and  has added several enhanced features in last few months.

While discussing about the ‘Google+ Pages’ which has been introduced today, Horowitz accentuated the significance of linking Google crops together by saying that: “Google+ is not a siloed product. It is not divorced from the rest of Google, instead it is a new way of using all the Google services that you know and love.”

Currently Google+ has stiffed relationship with brands and on a question about this Horowitz recounted that Google had been forced badly to remove brands from its social networking arm Google+ in its early days of launch.

He said that: “Brands and businesses go where the users are and [after launching Google+] we suddenly had a lot of companies queuing up to enter. We had to kick them off as we wanted to do something special for brands and the users that interact with them.”

However, Google has launched ‘Pages’ today which will enable brands to have direct contact with users. This new feature will increase the interaction between brand and users; they can circle their respective brands according to their choices. Google+ has provided several medals namely Gold, Silver and Bronze in order to differentiate each brand pages according to users’ choice.

Hope these new features will take Google+ to new heights and in coming days we will see more interesting features. Have you got a chance to look at the brand pages and it features ? If not, then just have a look at it here and secure your brand/company page over Google+. Do share your experience with us and also if you like Google’s VP thought process towards Facebook CEO, share your views with us.


  1. Google+ has potential, and has features that I find very attractive. However the biggest issue I see is integration with all services (I will call it the Google+ suite). Facebook has one login then all services flow from that top hierarchy. On the other hand, I have a login for Google+, different login for youtube, different login for places. The Google+ suite is simply not integrated congruently, making it difficult to operate. Once Google addresses this issue, it will be come a contender in the Social Media race.


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