Apple iPhone 4S Battery Drains Off In Just 12 hours: Users Cry Foul !

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Is Apple’s battery really dies in 12 hrs’? No one even can dream that Apple’s iPhone 4s will be possessed by such mix-up, but it’s true. User of brand-new Apple iPhone 4s have found that handset have alarmingly shorted by very short standby times.  Some reports say Apple’s new IPhone 4s lasts less than 12 hrs. Incidentally, on release of iPhone 4s, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claimed that Apple’s iPhone 4s will have better battery life with 8 hr of 3G talk time, 10 hrs’ of video playback, 40 hrs’ of music and 200 hrs’ of standby time.

Many report fickle points in battery use. It’s become hot while use outside even in the shade. However, such complaint also arrived at apple’s official ‘help’ forums, which has been reported by some customers. But, Apple officials are unable to reply the way to fix up the problem. It‘s assumed that other IPhone 4s might also have any such challenge. However, Macworld have offered guidelines, how to fix the handset but the source is not official from Apple.

Presently, the problem seems minor but need of an extensive step to be taken before it would become major issues. I think Apple can’t sit so ideal, they might look for solution to fix the issues related to the iPhone 4s battery.

Last week, Samsung glisten over Apple to become number one Smartphone manufacturer. Its Android based mobile handsets seem triumphant in the market and have broken all records. Presently, Nokia stands third position in Smartphone industry after Samsung and Apple. If in this instance Apple’s battery problems arise, it would be difficult for it to stay afloat as market leader in Smartphone.

Although, Mac forums and other sites come with lots of solution but no one is able to give complete solution to fix the battery problem.

It’s anticipated that battery issue might be caused by setting menu or software fault but other’s conception is little different regarding this issue as they think problem might occur due to physical condition of the battery. iPhone 4s using iOS5 version of Apple’s operating system on which Apple’s hope hinge.

If Apple fix this problem as soon as possible, will be benefited to him, otherwise it might danger to its reputation as well as its market share.  Apple knows that Nokia and other Android device manufacturer can’t sit sluggishly, they all might attempt to obtain the number position in the Smartphone market. Apple’s market share has fallen after Steve Jobs and it’s very tough time for Tim Cook to keep the expectations on high notes. Would battery life issue really damage the market value of iPhone 4s? Do you think it might give benefit to their competitor like Samsung and Nokia?



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