India Will Be The Second Most Populated Country On Facebook By Year End [Study]

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India is known as one of the strongest software development countries in the world and it is leapfrogging other countries in various arms of technology arenas likes social media and mobile. If everything continues well in shape, India will celebrate the New Year as the most populated country over Facebook – only after U.S. At present,India secures third spot, just behind Indonesia, with 38.05 million users and is growing rapidly with a monthly growth rate of 4.45 percent. If the trend continues, there would be additional 3.3 million online indian users on Facebook by the year-end which will make India to surpass Indonesia which is on second position current with 40.08 million users.

According to Socialbakers, each month 1,622,020 new Indian internet users are Joining Facebook compare to 410,860 Indonesian users. This will help India to surpass Indonesia by number of overall Facebook users. In India, the majority of Facebook users are between the age group of 18 -24- accounts to 18,261,600 users – and the least are in the age group of 55 – 64 years.


When we compared the data provided for last six months; India is on top spot with maximum numbers of users – 13,191,780 – added to Facebook compare to Indonesia which contributed  4,471,620 new users. During this period percentage of internet users associated with Facebook  from India, raised by 53.8 percent, compared to Indonesia 16.8 percent.

It’s an interesting fact to know that India is the third largest country in terms of internet users all across the world. Unfortunately, only 8.3% of population – 100,000,000 users out of 1.21 billion people – is connected with internet. At present U.S is on the top in terms of  internet as well as Facebook users. However, the penetration rate of U.S. has reached above 50 percent on Facebook, which directly refers that in coming days number of users joining Facebook from U.S will be less as compare to India because penetration rate for India on Facebook is 3.24 percent only – The less is the penetration rate, more will be the increment. So,one should not get surprise to see India surpassing U.S. on Facebook in coming two years or so.

India will definitely surpass Indonesia , since the diffusion rate for India is 3.24 percent compared to Indonesia 16.80 percent and from the above data it became clear that India will be the second most populated country on Facebook by the end of this year.

Hope we will celebrate new year with a landmark of India reaching at the second spot on Facebook.



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