Why Am I fuzzy About The Success of World’s Cheapest Tablet “Aakash”

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With days passing by, India is becoming more advanced in terms of technology. Few days earlier India has introduced the world’s cheapest tablet named as “Aakash”. The whole project of tablet was headed by India Government who kept  its price quite lower when compared with other tablets of the same class. Akash has been tagged with just $49.98, where as other tablets cost around few hundred dollars.

The basic idea behind introduction of cheapest tablet in Indian market is to make it available for students to make them more educated about digital world. Indian government has also announced that they it will subsidize the “Akash” around 22% to 30% for students to make it more affordable and adoptable especially in rural areas.

However, reading a lot by Aakash tablets for several days, I came across various hurdles which will hindrance the success of tablet in market:


At the time of development there was uncertainty about the release of “Aakash”. In July last year it was announced that cheapest tablet is going to be developed and it will be headed by Indian Government. But after some time it looked like the project has been dumped and suddenly the announcement came about the expected release in January 2012. It’s been reveal that around 100,000 unit of “Aakash” will be available by January 2012.  Indian Government has also announced that it will provide these tablets at half of the real price to students at several universities. But still it’s not clear that which universities will be covered for such benefits. Also, there is a cloud of doubt that how people can pre-order the commercial version of the Tablet.


Inflexibility in price range may harness the profit of the tablet. It’s been said that it will be available in multiple price ranges with multiple varients of features. For student it’s expected to be available at the cost of Rs. 1500 – 1750 and for professional it’s available at the cost of Rs. 3,000 (inclusive of taxes). Undoubdetly, and professional version of Aakash will contain more features than student version.


There are several issues related to the listing which might break or make the success of the Tablet. It’s not been revealed by the government that which institutes or universities will be listed for providing the tablets.

One of the most important things is how an organization can run without making profit from its gadget.


It’s a point to notice that in internet users in India are quite less as compared to other countries. For connectivity purpose Aakash will be runing onv GPRS or Wi-Fi network. As we all know that GPRS is one of the costliest and absurdly slow where as Wi-Fi is only available in limited part, so how one can think that it will be successful in such lethargic infrastructure environment.


The basic problem which arises is related to the issues of support. Who will support the tablet? What will be the developer environment around it? What sort of apps will it run? What will be the encouragement for developers to build apps for this particular device?

I don’t want to state that the project is failure. But, I just want to enlighten the hindrance which will be faced after the launch of the “Aakash”. Let’s hope it should be successful in Indian environment and will overcome from all upcoming challenges.



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