SAMURAI II VENGEANCE: Blood,Gore And Combos For Android

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Developers MADFINGER are back with a bang and this time there is much more blood, gore and combos. Samurai II has arrived on android too accompanied with that same comic type shady graphics but this time its more bloody than ever. Highly detailed graphics, high frame rate animation and super duper visual effects will blow your head. Madfinger, known for their globally acclaimed game SAMURAI : way of the warrior, which they developed for iPhone, have launched its latest sequel on Android platform too. Samurai : Way Of The Warrior was awarded Best Games Of The Year 2009 by APPLE so gamers were waiting for its next sequel too. Here comes some of the snapshots of the game.

Samurai II is truly assisted with astonishing looks as the game is much better than its previous version. Developers have packed the game with some new features like improved virtual Direction Pad, Dynamic Game camera etc. Gamers will face more environmental puzzles, tachy traps and much more viscious enemies.

Developers define their legacy as “Samurai II is a true successor, aided by over a year of focused development. Overall production values and vicious action put Samurai II on par with console 3D brawlers. Screenshots don’t do Samurai II justice – the fluid action has to be seen running at 60 frames per second.”


Rated 4.5 out of 5 on Android Market, Samurai II is topping the charts again. Samurai II has its own addictive charm. Gamers will control a legendary Samurai  Daisuke,blood thirsty for his revenge. Samurai II sends Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the war-scorched countryside. From a seafaring village to a flying fortress to the legendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will stop at nothing to hunt down his arch-enemy Orochi. Will he get his Vengeance?

The Game can be downloaded from android market. Features of the game as explained by the developers are :

  1. Support Xperia Play!
  2. Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you’re slicing up baddies, not swiping the screen.
  3. Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping focused on the action.
  4. Tense, quick and gory battle sequences!
  5. Battle hordes of on-screen enemies wielding new weapons and sporting unique abilities.
  6. Stay nimble and plan your attacks – roll out of harm’s way and eliminate ranged enemies like the Samurai Archer before they can strike.
  7. Improved game play includes new features.
  8. Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and discover useful items.
  9. The fight is on – not to worry, the combat never takes a back seat to platforming or fetch-quests.
  10. RPG elements reward skilled players – upgrade the Samurai’s health, buy new attack combos and upgrade them to devastating levels.
  11. Between levels, gorgeous anime-style comic panels tell the samurai’s tale with original hand-drawn artwork.
  12. New survival mode pits the samurai against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score-attack mode to hone their skills. Two games in one!
  13. Runs at 60 frames per second on all Tegra 2 Devices
  14. Advanced AI system on par with console games. Goal Oriented Action Planning architecture is used in many PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 games.
  15. Samurai II is developed on the Unity 3D 3.2 engine, the latest technology available on mobile devices.
  16. Original soundtrack – in classic samurai movie style, soft music builds with the heat of battle


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