This App Will Turn Your Smartphone into a TV Remote

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Smartphones have slowly become an integral part of our lives. Started from the traditional use of calling and messaging with little upper-hand features to advanced inherited apps, Smartphones have covered a long distance in last few years. With the constant advancement in technology and chips, such devices are turning into multi-functional devices that can be used beyond the boundaries of mobile arena. This new application is an impeccable example of such developments.

This new Smartphone app allows you to turn your phone into a TV remote, slowly replacing the universal remotes which are around for some time. The Dijit Universal Remote App allows you to fiddle with your TV shows instead of pegging with traditional and limited use of remote control.

This free application makes your smartphone capable of communicating with various devices like Roku set-top box and many others. . It also allows you to update your Netlflix queue and look for new shows, and provides integration with all of your social networks.

The team behind the Universal Remote App have also partnered with Griffin to work with the Beacon, an IR blaster that sits near your TV to provide the communication link. This technology allows your smartphone to talk directly to your TV through IR input, and also works with other IR-ready devices in your home.

Though, this app is currently available for iPhone users, the Android version is also expected soon. The interface of the app is pretty impressive and quite identical to traditional remote controls.

However, the idea of transforming smartphones in mobile is not new. There are number of developers who are working on similar technology with many enhanced features. One another notable product in the similar segment, known as Peel TV, is also an iPhone app with an IR blaster, and work either through IR or your home WiFi network.

The potential of this technology is relatively very high and companies are working hard to go beyond with the technology to go beyond a simple communications link.


In fact, the amalgamation of social network and TV is being discussed for some time now. It also makes sense, especially when two major social media titan Facebook and Twitter holds more than 1 billion users together – little less than 15% of overall population of the earth.

It looks like smartphones really are taking over the world, and even managing to leave other devices useless in their wake. While it will take a little while for this technology to be refined and integrated with additional hardware devices, perhaps we are seeing the beginning of a world where one mobile device really can do everything.


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