Windows Phones Will Dominate Over iPhone iOS by 2015: Android to Lead [STUDY]

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Perhaps, this may relax Stephen Elop – CEO of Nokia – till an extent that is facing constant heat from all corners on Nokia’s market share decline; The Windows operating system for smartphones is expected to leapfrog the iOS system, mobile OS used in Apple’s iPhone, by securing significant share of mobile market in next few years. However, Google Android will float at supreme position despite of such major shifts in the field.   

These predictions are based on a Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report by International Data Corporation (IDC).

The report stamps Android as the leading mobile OS with 43.8% market share by 2015, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone at 20.3%. Apple’s iOS platform – used in iPhones –will lag behind at 16.9% market share by same duration. Undoubtedly, this would be a significant improvement for Windows Phone which is expected to secure mere 3.8% mobile market by end of this year, as per IDC.

By end of 2011, Android is projected to settle down with 38.9% of market share, IDC says, followed by Nokia’s Symbian at 20.6% and then iOS at 18.2%. Though, Symbian has been declared dead by Nokia and won’t stay in any competition in next few years, its constant declining market share is largely based upon Nokia’s traditional dominant in global market, particularly those which are still hooked up with traditional mobile phones. Keeping all such figures and scenarios in mind, Nokia has decided to support Symbian devices until 2016.

Last year, the marriage of Nokia –Microsoft went ahead despite of immense pressure and reservation against such move from stake holders and many board members. This has also resulted in departure of many top executives from Nokia including Lee Williams – Head of Symbian Foundations – and most recently Rich Green – CTO Nokia. Though, Stephen Elop managed to get hold the confidence of board members lately, Nokia has been accounted on loosing many grounds including MeeGo only to bet big with Windows Phone platform. Nokia’s shares have been plunged deeper in last six months but it will all pay off in long run if Windows Phone will be able to fly-off in the market with the predicted figures by IDC.

It’s expected that nearly 1 billion smartphones will be shipped in 2015 alone which is more than double the 472 million projected to ship this year. The growth is obvious; constant declining smart phone cost, cheap data plans and upward dependency on mobile activities and apps will only fuel the mobile market growth year-on-year.

By all the figures, predictions, facts and verdicts there is one thing which can stun the mobile growth dynamics – Ongoing legal trouble to Android software patent. Recently, it has been learnet that Microsoft is earning more from Android sales than its own Windows Phone software sales. If Microsoft wins the ongoing legal battle with Google Android, handsets manufacturers will have to omit huge chunk of revenue share to Microsoft which will surely hurt Google Android adoption rate.

Via: IDC Report



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