Facebook Unveils Face Recognition Feature For All: Privacy Taken For Granted?

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Today, I have just noticed a relatively new action in my account when I started seeing the ‘auto suggestion’ from Facebook over the photo tagging. Though, it was not much itching for me at very first level but later – while I gave my head into the larger impact – it blew my mind and ended up asking one question to myself “How can Facebook take me granted by suggesting my name for all pictures which are matching with my set of pictures irrespective of my selection of being private?”

Many of us may argue on behalf of Facebook and, trust, it doesn’t look unacceptable at very first place – exactly the way I thought. However, the larger impact of this feature has all sort of potential to royally screw-up all your online and offline happiness.

Think about this situation; you are one of the Internet veteran and don’t want to reveal your real identity on Internet – specially on the most unsecure social network site like Facebook – due to the known risk factors of Web. Despite of all your measures and precautions, you find yourself completely exposed to millions of users without your concerns only to feel cheated and dishearten. That exactly Facebook has done – again – this time with all their million (if not all millions) of users.

Ok, even if I agree with the group of spectators who vote in favor of Facebook for this feature, do you think Facebook should “enable” this feature by default for all users without any intimation? Certainly, there is a better way to roll out such features which have arguable scenarios. Facebook can release this feature to all users with default status as “Disabled” and send a message to all explaining the advantages/disadvantages and then let the complete onus be on user whether they opt or dump it.

Even, in current scenario Facebook has taken the safer route by keeping the onus on users. Face recognition feature only ‘suggest’ you for tagging and leave this upto users to press the button for final tagging.

Interestingly, many of the Facebook users are well versed with the day-to-day activities and usability of the website and don’t play much with such settings or admin section. This way, it becomes easier for Facebook to ‘feed’ what so ever to their users as many will have to live with that.

However, you can prevent yourself from exposing your name in auto tagging. If you are the one who stand by my side and have all type of uncomfortable feeling with this feature, here is a rescue:

– Loggin to your Facebook Account, go to “Privacy Settings” under Account tab.

– Click on “Customise settings”

– Under “Things others share” you should see an option titled “Suggest photos of me to friends. When photos look like me, suggest my name”

– Unfortunately at this point you can’t tell whether Facebook has enabled the setting or not, you have to dig deeper..

– Click on “Edit settings”

– If Facebook has enabled auto-suggestion of photo tags you will find the option says “Enabled”.

– Change it to “Disabled” if you don’t want Facebook to work that way

– Press “OK”.



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