What If You Die: This Facebook App Will Tell to Whole World–Automatically!

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Have you ever thought what will happen to your online properties which are protected by some password known by you only? Furthermore how your huge friends list will get updated instantly about your death and there will be no rooms for miscreants to take advantage about such situation? Here is an interesting solution or rather a unique Facebook app, got released recently, which not only track your death but also update to all your Facebook friends about the situation.

This app works from the website www.ifidie.net which is interconnected with a Facebook app and instantly ask permission to allow access when you will first visit the ifidie.net (Don’t consider this as a spam). The application has the capability to record a message – which you would like to broadcast post death – in text and video format both. You need to nominate three people from your Facebook friends list who will report about your demise. Once confirmed by all three, you would be announced dead on your Facebook account.

Though, the nature of application is very vital in our life, the role of the nominees is equally crucial who will have authority to report the dead. I am not sure how far Facebook users will adopt the service from this app – especially when it works post death – but to gain traction, company has already launched a campaign which is randomly calling people and frightening them about their lives and requesting them to visit www.ifidie.net. Campaign video after this break :




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