Twitter May Buy TweetDeck For $50 Million: An Effort To Edge Out UberMedia ?

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It seems that anxiousness of Twitter towards third party client apps has not been settled down yet. If we follow latest rumor, Twitter is in “advanced talks” to acquire TweetDeck – the popular desktop client app – for whooping $50 million.

As per the latest report from Wall Street Journal, Twitter’s effort to pocket TweetDeck has been sourced by people “familiar with the matter”. TweetDeck is the second largest third-party Twitter client app used to reach Twitter service from their desktop. In third-party client app market TweetDeck holds 13.1% of market share only after UberSocial – another Twitter client app from UberMedia.

Back in February, Internet was buzzed about the possible takeover of TweetDeck by UberMedia for between $25 – 30 million. However, after the “hate-like” episode between Twitter and UberMedia, story promptly disappeared.


So, what’s really going-on in micro-blogging window? Is Twitter really making such effort or just a implicit rumor?

Many analysts feel that Twitter is trying to setup the field to counter UberMedia, especially after the news – “UberMedia is gearing up for Twitter Competitor”. It was all started when UberMedia tried to buyout TweetDeck despite of having majority share in Twitter client app market through various other apps like UberSocial, Twidroyd, Echofon.

Sensing an unknown and indirect threat to revenue model, Twitter clipped the wings of UberMedia by disconnecting their apps’s access from Twitter network. Though, Twitter released the access to UberMedia apps later with certain guidelines and changes, company passed a very strong message to all social media development company to “focus on Data analysis tools and apps rather than building client apps to access twitter services.”

No surprise, UberMedia possibly went back to their think tanks only to come up – rather avoid such situation again from Twitter – with new streams of revenue model with “no-Twitter-interferences”. Speculations are being made that UberMedia found the best alternative in setting up a direct competition with Twitter through another micro-social-networking website – identical to Twitter.

However, Twitter may be trying to improvise its revenue by adding up new channels like TweetDeck. Earlier Twitter had bought ‘Summize” and renamed as company’s official Twitter app. Now it will be interesting to see what Twitter does with TweetDeck – if ever this deal comes into existence. Besides, it will also widen the gap between UberMedia and Twitter in client app market where both the companies hold 42% and 58% respectively.


Chances are also high that UberMedia has tricked the Twitter and influenced them to go for such possible acquisition with millions of extra cash to burn. Definitely, it will be a daunting task for Twitter as they really need to analyze the real value-worth of TweetDeck.

At this point of time we can only guess the moves from Twitter and Ubermedia as both the companies are working out to kill competition – rather to kill each other. We are keeping a close eye on situation and shall update you for any further development on this.



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