Startling Growth of Mobile – Facts & Figures [Infography]

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Mobile industry is witnessing hasty growth and major transformation for last two years. People are becoming more dependent on mobile devices, especially after the launch of Smartphones and Tablets. It has been projected that mobile devices will overtake desktops by 2015 and this thought has given further boost to companies who are getting much focused on next generation computing devices like Tablets.

The gap between mobile and human life is shrinking with steady pace and with every passing day people are demanding more and more from their “daily companion”. Almost every company from computer manufacturer has been part of mobile revolution.

Microsoft Tag has made an attempt to analyze such scenario and has come up with an interesting Infography on mobile industry’s explosive growth. They have screened all major aspects to human life and activity where mobile devices have got significant contribution. An interesting research which exposes many amazing fats & figures of mobile Industry – Have a look on the full Infography below:


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