After Facebook, Twitter Admits the Device Diversify Challenge

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Twitter is witnessing the phenomenal growth in last few quarters and the future looks optimistic as company has been valued (unofficially) worth $10 billion recently. However, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo feels that road ahead is not that easy and still they have long way to go to ensure the consistent availability of Twitter across all mobile platform despite of constant introduction of new handsets at regular interval.

On Monday Dick said that although the service is available on nearly every phone, the company has a long way to go to make the product consistent across devices.

“The experience has to be the same,” Costolo said during an afternoon keynote speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “I shouldn’t have to think how to use Twitter.” About 40 percent of tweets come from a mobile device, while half of all active users are active on more than one device, he said.

Just two days back we have heard similar statement from Facebook CTO Bret Taylor who also admitted that biggest challenge is to deliver Facebook to all those users who wants to use it irrespective of what is the medium they are opting to access Facebook.

And now, after Twitter’s CEO statement, it has been certified that even fastest growing companies are finding it difficult to align themselves with the growth of mobile Industry. Until not that long ago, Twitter built only the product for the Web and let third parties handle phones and other devices. In recent months, though, it has scooped up various app makers and now offers official apps for the major smartphones. However, given that those official apps stem from different acquisitions, they often work in different ways.

Costolo said the company also wants to make sure that one doesn’t have to sign up and follow lots of people to get something out of the service.

“We want Twitter to be instantly useful,” he said.

Message is very clear – Twitter should not be considered as an online marketing tool where people can shout to millions of people just for personal gains. The service should be meaningful and valuable for all users. Hope many social media and viral marketers out there are reading this !!


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