Mobile Apps : An Imminent Enterprise Business Model Of Future Worth $35 Billion

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Mobile Industry is witnessing some great transformation since last year at global level. Be it mobile handsets, tablets, smartphones or E-Readers, people are showing great respect to such devices and indulging themselves by developing a habit of ‘never-ditch’ fellowship with them. Due to such scenarios, companies & developers started offering few ‘mind-blogging’ applications which made such devices an addictive piece of gadget. This has given a churn birth of more than 300,000 mobile applications in just over three years.

Now, a latest report from IDC has revealed that such trend will continue with multi-fold acceleration as developers are forming such activities into a nurtured business model. Sensing the growth of mobile devices, companies have already started practicing towards mobile applications development. All such cumulative efforts is presenting a flourishing future of mobile apps development business which may surpass $35 billion in 2014.

According to IDC, the number of mobile apps downloads are growing every day. From current downloads figure of 10.9 billion in 2010, industry is expecting to record a whopping 76.9 billion application downloads by 2014. Developers are more active & educated towards better performed apps with portability feature. Expectations and dependency of users are pacing and people are expecting much more from their handhelds. There are more than 10 tablets now available in market. To ensure the success  iOS4 from Apple, OS6 from RIM, Android from Google, Symbian 3 from Nokia, upcoming MeeGo OS, IP Tv and Web OS need equally responsive support from developers community across the globe.


Such predicted growth is a result of application’s functions and usability. The bar has been raised from simple boot level applications to real time physical trainers which guide and help users in almost every trade – be it healthcare, education, retail, finance, travel or anything. The Intelligence of upcoming applications are so uniformed that it will help you to minitor your driving and offer tips to increase gas mileage, helping you on road traffic & road sense in real time, suggesting you over better finance management, connect you with friends over social media, share information, pictures or videos and provide whole range of business support.

Scott Ellison, vice president – Mobile & Wireless at IDC, quotes “Mobile app developers will ‘appify’ just about every interaction you can think of in your physical and digital worlds. The extension of mobile apps to every aspect of our personal and business lives will be one of the hallmarks of the new decade with enormous opportunities for virtually every business sector.”

The most obvious benefits of such transformation is for mobile application developers and companies. Many Web Stores offers lucrative revenue sharing deal to attract independent developers. However, the predicted revenue figures and future potential of mobile application market will surely put thinking cap on developers to adopt much uniformed business model for their efforts and contribution. On this note, companies may face tough time to retain their real talents.



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