MeeGo Phones Are Ready To Challenge Android & iPhones’ Dominance

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It’s no more secret that Nokia is firmly working with Intel to develop a new astounding OS – MeeGo, a, open source Linux based project, for some time. The new ambitious project will help Nokia to secure its dominancy in mobile handset market which is constantly getting challenged due to market decline. Besides, it will also help Intel and Linux to mark their strong presence in Operating System market.

Just six months back industry witnessed the developer release of MeeGo 1.0 version which was acclaimed by many industry experts and analysts. Riding high with such response, trio ( Intel . Nokia & Linux) decided to target platforms such as netbooks/entry-level desktops, handheld computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, and media phones for MeeGo. In October Company released the developer preview of MeeGo 1.1 for mobile handsets to showcase the features and rich media experience.


With such release, speculations were sparked about the future market potential of upcoming MeeGo OS to challenge the supremacy of Android & iPhone by Google & Apple subsequently. Tough, it will take some time for Nokia to position MeeGo handsets in market, but with the joint efforts by Intel & Linux MeeGo may sharply pickup the market share which can be significant achievement for trio.

Situation will not be different for Apple as MeeGo Platform is an open source and can be installed on any mobile handset which matches with required specification. This will call an “open adoption policy” for many other mobile handsets manufacturers who may shift good number of their handsets towards MeeGo to claim its market share.

Whatever the scenario, apparently the major setback will be for Google which is focusing on Android & Chrome OS extensively. Intel has made it clear that the new MeeGo will also cater to netbooks / entry-level desktops, handhelds computing (Tablets) besides mobile phones. Like Pc market, If Intel manages to replicate its charm with MeeGo, Chrome OS and Android will witness sharp decline from netbook & entry-level desktop market and Tablet market subsequently besides being hit by Nokia with MeeGo in smartphone industry. That means, Google is sitting on a rock which is going to face major quakes by combined efforts of multiple competitors.

Just 2 days back MeeGo Zone has released the minimum hardware specification for mobile handsets manufacturers to run MeeGo 1.2. Surprisingly, it’s almost equally capable specifications which are required to support Android platform for mobile – 600MHz or faster ARM v7 or x86 processor, 512MB or more of RAM, and 512MB or more of storage space.

It ‘s a clear indication for handset manufacturers to start planning towards MeeGo platform implementation & roll out with their handsets. However, speculations are being made that MeeGo 1.2 OS will no sooner be available than April next year. Whatever may be cooking in background between trio and handset manufacturers, three things are clearly indicated:

1) Nokia will surely enjoy the benefits of being a part of MeeGo development compare to other handsets manufacturers.

2) MeeGo is going to be a tough competitor for Google as it will hit Android & upcoming Chrome OS market strongly.

3) It will be a beginning of new era in netbook / desktop marketplace where Intel also dominates with hardware.

Update: Earlier Today, we just spotted Intel Atom MeeGo Phone & Tablet at the Intel event in Russia. The black slab Tablet is reportedly running on MeeGo platform which is having front camera for video calls. However, spotted MeeGo Phone is made by a company called Hi/Lo Vibrant without much details but the processor of Intel Atom. Pictures after this break.

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