RockMelt : Is This A Beginning of The End of Traditional Social Media

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It’s been just a week since RockMelt – An Innovative Social Media Browser – got launched and Internet is flooded with all positive reviews, suggestions and articles on future of such innovation. If we cover everything in single bundle, one things is pretty clear – RockMelt is Rocking ; Specially when social Media is flourishing across the globe. However, if you deeply analyze the business model of new browser baby, you will sense something interesting – The Death of Traditional Social Media.

In the case of RockMelt; it inherits most of the driving feature of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and almost kill every preliminary reason to visit those sites. You can chat, message, update status, view news & feeds, tweet, view friends list, monitor friends status and activities by being inside the ecospace of your desktop without resigning or suspending your current active window. Such arrangement provides a great hand for all those professionals who want to be a part of online social media but with respect to their time and activities by performing & participating in various activities instead of simple navigation from page to page.

Indeed Social Media has been diversified so extensively, it’s not easy for any application or browser extension to push it for traditional silence. Neither Social Media Titans, like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, will easily give up nor neglect the upcoming silent threat to their gigantic online existence. Despite of all, ongoing development has been so accelerated that companies can’t guard their lead position for very long unless they file for new marriage periodically.

Have a look on below video. I am involved, engage and active in various online social activities without actually visiting any social media hubs or signing off my current active windows


The business model of social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or MySpace, heavily depends on the reach of users and visitors. Their major share of revenue comes from online ads which need visitors’ attraction and action. Interestingly, it all happens via web browser which connects people with online social media gateways. However, in case of RockMelt, it incubates all your online social media habits without making people to reach to user interface where all such ads appears. Eventually People can be active on any social media channel without indulging their current activity or task.

This way, the whole new experience of exploring social media cherishes people and virtually makes them to ditch the traditional way of social media experience. It calls a big blow to social media hubs like Facebook, Twitter who ensures the maximum return visits in order to reserve the maximum revenue from ads. As people will adopt more and more trend of social media access via third-party tool like RockMelt, the real interaction between Social media websites and visitors will continue to shrink.

RockMelt is not the first which has incorporated such social media tools; there are more than 500 desktop tools & applications which are capable of creating virtual environment of social media without actually visiting any social media website. But the success and massive early adoption of RockMelt lays behind the seamless integration of social media with traditional browsing.

However, there are many other ways, like social media games and mobile access, which will keep traditional social media growing and mark the success despite of above challenges. Mobile ads and revenue sharing model of games will help social media hubs to grow further. As the technology grows, social media may find many new ways to attract users but the same applies with development of many tools, extensions or applications which will continue to offer many astounding ways of seamless integration of social media with browsing or computing.

Some people may have reservation towards this thought but the traditional social media is not just virtually meeting people, networking or sharing feelings. It’s also how you communicate and connect. In absence of such methodology it will be just a huge database of people who communicates and shares without the feeling of a virtual world – so called traditional social media – around them.

By all mean, one this is pretty clear – Social Media is here to grow with serious concerns towards Traditional Social Media – something to discuss and explore. Do let us know your views and suggestions in comment section below.



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