RockMelt – A Browser to Integrate Your Web Activities with Social Media Seamlessly

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Social Media is growing with multi-dimensional directions. The adoption of such services is so wild that companies are exploring new ways to keep a string for social media services in all their existing and upcoming development. A newly launched Web browser “RockMelt” is one such example of the social media influence across all the industries. With the beta version, launched yesterday, RockMelt inherits various social media features which allow users to communicate and update their activities over various social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, Flicker just by a click.

The browser keeps a count of fresh news feed content, persistently displays friends for quick contacting, and makes it easy to share webpages you’re viewing. Social Media activities are becoming one of the most frequent habit among people and those who keeps on fiddle with various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, besides their regular browser based activities,  will find the new browser much more meaningful than anything else.

Although, RockMelt is not the first ever such kind of application which incubates your social media activities while you are engaged with other browser based assignments. Few Other companies like Sessmic and Wowd have attempted to build desktop client for Facebook and Twitter but failed to gain significant traction due to non-integration with users regular activities.


RockMelt is a fast, full-featured browser built on Google’s open source browser project Chromium, and has a backing from heavyweights such as Netscape’s Marc Andressen and superangel Ron Conway. However, the less familiar interface and fears about how RockMelt could use its widespread access to user data could prevent it from finding an audience outside of social media professionals.

The new browser carries a right hand side vertical bar which has all social networking websites app like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Users can also customize the same bar based on their needs. Users can click on any social networking website i.e. Facebook and a pop up will serve then with all updated feeds, news, updates and friend list. In the same fashion users can check all new updates from twitter or LinkedIn without leaving the current active windows.

The new browser also contains a dynamic search bar which will help you to preview the search results in real time just like Google’s new service – instant search result. Moving further, you can share any result or view with your friends, who are listed on left hand side bar of browser,  just clicking on their names.

Currently the new browser is available only by invitation and users who are interested to try it can connect via existing Facebook account. If company can rework on the UI section of the new browser surely its going to be a must have app for all social media die heart users.



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