Yesterday, Samsung has launched its tablet device “Galaxy Tab” in India with the expectation of overwhelm response from India customers. There is no doubt in the success of tablet devices in Indian market as Apple’s iPad is already going through huge demand despite of no official launch confirmation in India. Samsung has already opened its stores for pre-booking and Galaxy Tab will be delivered to customers from 10 November. Company is expecting to capture about half of the market which it sees at upto 1 million units in the next 12 months, a company official said on Friday.

Samsung has set the price of the Galaxy Tab at Rs 38,000 (USD 854) for the Indian customers. While Apple is yet to launch its iPad officially in India, Samsung is trying to en-cash the excitement towards tablet by early launch.

Is Indian Market Ready for Tablet Devices

Despite of such excitement among the people, the big question which need to be answered by various techno savvy people: Is infrastructure in India ready to support such devices to perform ? In my opinion : No, it’s not. I don’t see a single good reason to invest such huge amount for a small device which is noting better than a small laptop.

In the Absence of Free Wi-Fi

Primarily all Tablet devices have been developed keeping the first world countries’ infrastructure in mind. All such tablets completely rely on Wi-Fi. In absence of those devices can’t be use for any other purpose but to offline activities. Unlike U.S. and Europe market which is technologically so advanced that Free and high speed secure Wi-Fi covers almost each and every corner of the city, Indian telecom market is still awaiting to see such growth. Only 10 -15% places across tier 1 cities have been covered with free Wi-Fi. Around 40% of those always go through some technology challenge and do not serve the Internet connection. That way, it’s only 9% places which allow you to access Wi-Fi free of cost. Trust, this will really disappoint you when you carry such a piece of innovation but can’t be taken out-of-pocket. Bonus, by exposing your device to such free network you may end up having Virus attacks or malfunctioning which have become so advanced to break any simple layer of protection.

Lethargic GPRS Internet

However, Samsung Galaxy tab comes with a “Sim Card Slot” which allows you to connect your device via GPRS and you can feel safe and unrestricted from such free Wi-Fi challenges. At the same time, India is still hugging 2G network infrastructure which hardly allows you to have smooth drive over the internet from your smartphone. I see no sign of any great experience of Internet over Tablet device which comparatively maintains bigger screen and needs higher speed of connectivity.

Tablet with Android 2.2 – No way !!!

It has been exposed that Android 2.2 ( Froyo) has neither meant for Tablet devices nor performing well. Understanding such challenges, Google itself preponed the launch of Android 3.0 and promised the delivery by end of December to all Tablet Device manufacturer like HTC, Acer, LG, Toshiba. Then how does it make sense to invest such a heavy cost for a product which is still struggling to find performance stability.

I am not sure what people think about the other type of usability with Galaxy Tab but for me it’s a dead investment until the same device reform itself with Android 3.0 and India is ready with its best 3G network. As per the sources, both of these are predicted to launch by March 2011 and company may bring down the cost at least by 20% due to competition and dead early excitement.

Are you rushing to buy a Galaxy Tab despite of all above facts ? Do let us know your views in comment section to justify the other advantages in Indian scenario.

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