What the Hell Wrong with iPhone 4.0 – After “Signal Strength” fault it’s turn for “Glass Damage”

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When Apple’s announced the updated version of its most successful iPhone early this year, expectations were riding high with people. As a known habit of Apple, people were rest assured about the quality and commitment. Now, from the time baby baby got delivered, people are disappointment and failing to justify their own investments due to on going issue with iPhone 4.0 one by one.

After lots of hue and cry over signal strength issue which made Steve Jobs embarrass on big platform, now its turn for another issue which Steve will find difficult to address. As per SquareTrade, an electronic equipments insurance company in U.S. which currently cares 20,000 iPhone 4 handset, has reported that company has witnessed an increase of 84% in the case of broken screen glass of iPhone 4.0 compare to 3GS handsets.

Company said that within first four months 82% iPhone 4 users reported for the damaged. By that report company wanted to understand if iPhoen 4 front and back glasses are facing more damages than prior version of iPhone. Report shows that iPhone 4 owners reported 68% more accident than its predecessor. Interestingly, report has revealed that 4.7% of iPhone users face an accident in first four month of ownership which is 70% higher than iPhone 3G and 3GS which stood 2.8% at the same period. Of this iPhone 4 accidents, 82% accidents were about glass breaking.

While analyzing further deep, report claims that iPhone 4 is likely to damage more than previous versions. Besides the scratchable surface damages which got doubled, the new aluminosolicate gorilla used in iPhone 4 doesn’t seem to be stronger than one which company used in iPhone 3GS.

However, SquareTrade has considered only those claims which reported “physical damage”. There are many users who don’t even report for any small minor damages or which are not covered under any insurance. That means the actual numbers and the damage evaluation may go up than what it shows.

Beyond Glass Damage

Report also contains the information about the non-accidental malfunctions reports of iPhone 4.0 to determine several other hardware issues. Report found no improvement towards fixing the other hardware issues which pertained in 3G or 3GS.

With such report and analysis it has been easy to judge that iPhone 4.0 has less durability on hardware grounds compare to 3G or 3GS. Shockingly, company showed no signs of fixing the earlier malfunctions in new version and with the new issues which are cropping up, company is really going to face tough time in near future. Few recent Reports are indicating Apple’s plans of launching iPhone’s CDMA version in India. We are not sure how far people in India, who strongly evaluate the value worth of any such big investment in mobile handset, will encourage the upcoming move of company at the time when all such issues are surfacing constantly. Do you really feel that Apple’s brand value will ride over such issues and people will turn their back to adopt iPhone 4.0 ? Do let us know your views and feedback in comment section.

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