Windows Live Essentials 2011 : Facebook Chat, Linkedin, MySpace, Flickr and Much More [Review]

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On September 30, Microsoft Inc has set the new era of the its one of the most appreciated multitasking and multi-integrated service platform – Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows Vista & Windows 7 OS platform. Available in 48 languages, Windows Live Essentials 2011 incubated your activities over Social Media by having integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo and many more.

Designed for the grounds of Windows 7, Live Essentials 2011, offers seamless integration with many third-party services to perform your daily activities effectively. Microsoft promises revolutionary change for Live Essential 2011 users who can do much more with the single application control.

In last couple of months, Microsoft has adopted the strategy of integration with few of the most successful applications like Facebook Chat, LinkedIn Updates etc. With many new inherited features, Windows Live Essentials 2011 looks promising and upto the expectations of users.


Dazeinfo presents the brief of many new features of Windows Live Essential 2011 which will surely help you to understand the potential and usability of Microsoft’s ambitious project:

  • Facebook Chat Integration with Messenger – Now users have a place to chat with all your friends. Messenger now lets you stay tuned for more updates from your friends on different networks and talk with Facebook chat. As always, you’re in control of who you connect and share with on Windows Live. If you choose to connect your Windows Live Messenger account to Facebook, you can then choose what types of activities you want to allow, including chat. And of course, you can change your preferences at any time from your profile page.

  • Photo gallery Enhancement: The new user interface gallery, you can see a change before applying it, simply placing the mouse on the option. In the final version, we also added the ability to see the tab “Search.” Therefore, before applying a filter (date, number, label), which can float on one of these filters and see the results instantly.
  • Map Integration into Bing: A photo gallery is now integrated with Bing Maps with the functionality of location tags, allowing users to view a map of where the photo was taken determined.
  • Flickr Video & Photo Integration: The users of the most popular world of online photo service can now upload their videos to their Flickr accounts, allowing you to share your videos, even the most.
  • Faster Messenger: The time to enter, update contacts and channels and the animation speed is faster than previous versions of Messenger.
  • Efficiently Video Chat: Video Chat Messenger now uses 30% less CPU resources, conduct of the work of the GPU (graphics processor), which means better performance.
  • Best face recognition facial recognition of the gallery has had significant improvements and works faster.
  • Load best films: Movie Maker now allows you to upload videos with higher resolutions to SkyDrive (480 x 640 x 480 compared to 320 in previous versions).
  • Films with higher bit rate: Movie Maker now supports videos with a slightly higher rate of higher quality.
  • Improved Spell: Windows Live Writer significantly improved the quality of the spelling.
  • Better integration with Office, Windows Live Writer is much better to recognize and maintain the formatting of text in Word or another Office program when you paste.
  • Better support for Gmail, Windows Live Mail now comes the spam folder and trash Gmail more accurately.
  • Fastest Web Filter: Child Protection web filter is 35% faster than the previous version.

There are many more features which can be beneficial for you, based on your usability and professional profile and needs. So if you playing with Windows 7 at your PC or Laptop just install the new Windows Essential 2011 and experience the real potential of Windows 7 with Live Essentials 2011.

You can Download the Windows Live Essentials 2011 from here -:)


  1. I got Windows Live Essentials 2011 when i did i Windows update and it stopped loads of things from working. MSN messed right up, My windows mail settings were changed so i couldnt send or receive emails and for some reason it decided it need to mess with my internet security settings. It took me 2 hours to sort out all the problems downloading it caused and i had to sind all the settings for programs it had messed up an fix them. Thanks for that Microsoft….

  2. Hi there! Is it OK if I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view your post on my Blackberry but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Cheers! Glynda


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