, the leading domain registration service and producer of semi-pornographic Super Bowl commercials, is slated to be auctioned off, and could bring in over $1 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports. Qatalyst Partners, the boutique firm run by veteran technology banker Frank Quattrone will be shopping the comapny to private equite firms, the WSJ says.
Currently manages aprox 43 millions domains. Founded in 1997, Go Daddy Group Inc is currently owned by Bob Parson who is also Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company is well known for its edgy advertising, including Super Bowl commercials and ads featuring different “Go Daddy Girls,” including racing car driver Danica Patrick. 

Besides Leading the Domain registration business, aso sells security software, e-commerce tools, eb hoting and e-marketing solution to companies and people who look to outsource their online presence work. Last year company posted a revenue some where between USD 750 Million – 800 Million, as reported by WSJ. has strong chain of resellers & customers who are the backbone of online B2B model. many big resellers from various countries are runing tehir own domain registration business which is completely dependend on services. However the possibl sales of the comapny unlikely to attract any service distruption to all its resellers or customers in any ways.
Earlier tow other Domain registrar has been sold o private equity firms in the smae manner. Due to the recent boom in Internet based services & business, companies are looking forward to control the root of Internet Business. Two smaller competitors, and Network Solutions, have both been in private-equity’s hands. Technology-focused buyout firm Vector Capital sold to another web registration and design provider , Inc., for $135 million. Network Solutions is owned by General Atlantic Partners.

Private-equity firms are attracted to the business because of the steady cash flow from monthly fee-based subscriptions and the potential for “up-selling” customers additional features to enhance their websites.
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