Google to Launch Chrome Web Store: An Emerging Threat for Apple’s & Facebook’s Dominance

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Google always was a passionate player in any part of the game, no matter whether it was TV or online Games. To stamp speculations, Google has revealed its big plans behind its upcoming Chrome Web Store at GDC Europe. With this announcement, it has been clear that the company is in no mood to provide an easy pathway to its biggest competitors, Facebook and Apple.

Video game website 1up was able to grab some photographs of a presentation Google delivered to a room of game developers at the GDC Europe conference. The presentation showed off the Chrome Web Store, a marketplace for HTML5 apps Google announced during its I/O conference earlier this year.

Many new details have been revealed in the presentation. It was clearly indicated that Google has been influenced by Apple and iPhone app store and took lots of cues from that. The new interface contains app icons, categories and “Top rated games” as an integral part of new Web Store. But the most surprising is a feature called “App your friends like”, which needs to be visualized whether the company will ride this on Gmail, Buzz or something else to determine who your friends are.

The success behind Facebook’s revenue model and Apple iStore lies behind the open-door policies for independent developers who are playing an important role in the success of such an online marketplace. To cut down these companies, Google has come up with a “No Revenue Sharing” model where the company generally keeps 30% of its revenue from apps, unlike other companies. Instead, Google will charge a nominal fee of 5% as “processing fees”, which could be a major draw for developers who want to keep more of the money their apps earn. Google is expecting to attract as many developers ( and their time as well ) with such policies, which can provide many innovative apps through Chrome Web Store.

Google’s Plan for Chrome Web Store?

Many companies have been making hole in Google’s revenue pocket for some time. Directly or Indirectly, Google has managed to overcome those. However, two companies out of all are still giving sleepless nights to Google management, to which the company has failed to act strongly.

Facebook and Apple have been threatening Google’s dominance of the web through two different platforms: social and mobile. Facebook’s growth shows no signs of stopping, and it makes the company a real threat to Google’s core search and advertising businesses. Apple, on the other hand, has attracted scores of developers to its iOS platform while products such as iAds threaten to eat into Google’s profits.

Google is trying to respond effectively to both companies by launching “Chrome Web Store”. The search tech giant can make a lot of different plays with the launch of Chrome Web Store. The company is pitching its marketplace as a big platform for gaming, a market Google covets. It’s sure to be a key selling point of Chrome OS, which is supposed to launch later this year. The Chrome Web Store gives Google a path to competing with game consoles through integration with Google TV. It could even become the app platform for the company’s much-rumoured Google Me social network.



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