Facebook Officially Crosses 500 Million Users

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Its official now ! Facebook has crossed 500 Million long anticipated users base yesterday. On his blog post Mark Zuckerberg, CEO – Facebook, announced yesterday.

Mark further writes “I could have never imagined all of the ways people would use Facebook when we were getting started 6 years ago. I want to thank you for being part of making Facebook what it is today and for spreading it around the world.”

Mark also announced the launch of Facebook Stories, where people can showcase interesting ways of using Social Networking in their life around the world. Facebook Stories is one of the most appreciated and pre hyped section, people were eagerly waiting to launch.

Later today, Zuckerberg is expected to make a rare television appearance on ABC’s World News, where he’ll be interviewed by Diane Sawyer. Presumably, the interview will focus on what the 500 million milestone means for the company, but we also expect a number of questions about recent privacy gaffes and other controversial subjects, including the soon to be released movie based on Facebook’s beginnings.

Out of all, most interesting question which can face is “How far mark think Facebook can grow ?” Will it cross 1 Billion user base in coming few years ? Giving consideration on all efforts Facebook is putting on Mobile launch, it’s an option which can’t be rules out.

We would like to know your views whether Facebook can cross 1 Billion user base in coming years or there could be possibilities when any other social networking site or some other .com venture will turn down Facebook just like Facebook has done to MySpace. Do let us know.



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