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Just as it’s important to take your age into consideration when making fashion choices, it’s essential to wear makeup that’s most suitable for your stage in life.If you’re like most women, applying makeup — even if it’s just a dab of lipstick or a coat or two of mascara — is a big part of your daily ritual.

Why do we wear makeup? As with the right clothes and accessories, makeup helps many women look and feel confident — it lets us literally put our best face forward. The right makeup can hide skin blemishes and wrinkles and highlight your most desirable facial features. Many cosmetics even contain SPF to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These are all great reasons to stock up on beauty products. But have you ever stopped to consider whether your makeup is age-appropriate? If you’re not careful, you could end up making some unflattering choices — ones that could even leave you looking years older.

Sure, certain events and times of day call for different makeup looks (for example, fire-engine-red lips and smoky eyes might not exactly be suitable for a tête-à-tête with your boss, but in general, women should strive to achieve a look that’s both natural and right for their age.

Most of the Celebrity makeup artists keep themselves busy beautifying both veteran actresses and starlets alike for years. They know what works and what doesn’t. Here, is a compilation of some useful tips on age-appropriate makeup. Use them to create a makeup look that’s most flattering for you — whether you’re a fresh-faced college student, a middle-aged mom, or a more mature woman simply wanting to age gracefully.

First, please note, that when it comes to beauty there are certain things that apply to every age bracket. These include having a good skincare regimen (the occasional facial combined with a once-a-week mask that’s appropriate for the season and/or your skin type); wearing makeup that complements your skin tone and wardrobe; and choosing cosmetics that work for the current condition of your skin.

In Your 20s

At this age, oily skin and breakouts lingering from adolescence may be your primary skin concerns. So opting for a foundation or concealer with salicylic acid or other acne-healing properties is a good idea. When applying makeup, you want the look to be as sheer and natural as possible. Youthful skin is often already pretty rosy, so use a light hand when applying blush. That said, feel free to have fun with colors and shimmery accents. Go ahead and try that electric blue eyeliner, bubble-gum-pink lipstick, or glittery gold eye shadow — in your 20s, almost anything goes!

In Your 30s

Women in their 30s can still play with their makeup looks. This is a time when it’s acceptable to wear heavier makeup. Think cat eyes — à la Audrey Hepburn or the more dramatic version worn by Sophia Loren or our very own Rani Mukherjee & Kajol. To achieve the look, use liquid liner along the edge of your upper eyelids and extend the line just past the outer corner of your eyes. Create fuller, thicker lashes by affixing half strips of false eyelashes to your outer lashes. Also, keep eyebrows nicely shaped, but avoid overplucking! Take advantage of their fullness; hair growth tends to slow in your 40s, so you don’t want to be left with skimpy brows years down the line. You may need to use a brightener to minimize undereye shadows and give your cheeks an extra stroke of color if you’ve lost that rosy glow. Add subtle color to your lips in the daytime with a tinted lip balm. At night, go for the glamour — experiment with reds, corals, and terracotta hues.

In Your 40s

When you hit 40, you may need to add more warmth to your skin tone. Tinted moisturizers and cream blushes will add a healthy glow. If you’ve got fine lines, avoid heavy makeup, which tends to settle into creases. Since you may start seeing sun spots, it’ll be especially important to wear sunblock every day (if you’re not, start today!). Age also changes the shape of your eyes, so concentrate on defining them. Always use an eyelash curler and try a long-lasting liner in navy (this color makes any eye color pop). Opt for a natural lip color, and nix shimmery or frosted makeup, which will also settle into lines.

In Your 50s

At 50 the primary goal is to use color wisely. Have beautiful honey-colored skin? Use a tinted moisturizer with warm undertones to give it a nice overall glow. If you’ve got great lips, accentuate them with a bright lip color. But if you have many wrinkles around your mouth, don’t go there — or else you’ll bring attention to those lines. Emphasize beautiful brows by filling them in with a brow pencil. Before applying foundation, fill in creases and smooth out skin with a serum base moisturizer or foundation primer. Use a slanted brush to contour spots that need extra attention, like the area along your cheekbones and jawline. When you need a touch-up, use blotting papers instead of adding more powder to avoid a cakey appearance.

In Your 60s and Beyond

If you’re in this age bracket, you’ll want to use wrinkle fillers and plumping products as much as possible (look for makeup containing hyaluronic acid). Because your blood circulation changes later in life, you’ll need blush to help restore the flush you had when you were younger. Skin also gets drier as you age, so stick with creamier products. If your eyes need definition, use a long-lasting gel or liquid liner in a soft brown or gray (black is too harsh) at your lash line. Fill in sparse brows with a brow pencil in a taupe-y color. To reduce redness in and around the eyes, use an eye-brightening pencil, such as Three Custom Color Specialists Clarifier pencils, on the inner rim of the eye. Before adding color to your lips, use a lip-smoothing liner to give your lipstick staying power and prevent it from bleeding into fine lines.

Here are some final words of advice: As you mature, it’s most important to focus on taking care your skin and making the best of what you have. Fight the effects of aging by reducing your stress levels, getting enough sleep, and exercising & drinking lots of water.Also, laugh a lotttt!! The happier you are the better you are going to look. Don’t go crazy with surgical enhancements or cosmetic injections. The more real and natural you look at any age, the better.

Cheers to a more beautiful & confident ‘you’ !!


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