3 Out Of 4 Smartphones Shipped In Q3 Were Android-Powered: Despite Market Share Of Windows Phone And iOS To Be Surged In Q4


Really, market share of Android is increasing with galloping pace quarter-over-quarter in terms of smartphone shipments. In Q3 2012, 136 million Android-powered smartphones were shipped–almost 75% of overall smartphone shipment (181.1 million) for the quarter.  Android showed off 91.5% Y/Y growth in Q3 2012 which was almost double of the overall market growth rate of 46.4%.

Of course, Android reached to a record level in Q3 of this year by surpassing a shipment of 100 million units ; The number of Android powered smartphone shipped in Q3 of this year alone was greater than total number of smartphones shipped in 2007. However, iOS succeeded to grab second notch and it was only the OS (after Android) succeeded to hold double-digit market share in Q3 2012. Shipments of iPhone increased from 17.1 million in Q3 2011 to 26.9 million in the same quarter of this year. More importantly, an average revenue per user and operating profit of the company dropped in Q3 2012 compare to the previous quarter.

It’s pretty clear from the above graph that Blackberry’s market share has continuously been moving in the downward spiral. Despite, it succeeded to manage third position with just 4% market share in terms of shipments . RIM has not yet launched any new flagship product this year. On the other hand, BB10 is expected to be launched in Q1 of the next year. Really, it’s tough to predict the success of RIM’s upcoming update because it’s too late in the race.

The condition of Symbian OS is even worse than BlackBerry due to Nokia’s decision. Last year, Nokia announced the ‘death of Symbian”, even though the company shipped more number of Symbian powered smartphones in Q3 2012 compared to Windows Phone running devices.

Indeed, Q3 2012 was really awful for Windows Phone; shipments of Windows powered Lumia models declined to 2.9 million compare to 4 million of the previous quarter. However, we could expect better shipment of Windows Phone powered smartphones in next quarter because Samsung and HTC are going to launch Windows Phone powered smartphones along with Nokia.

Sales of iPhones in the last quarter were almost flat compare to Q2 2012 due to consumers’ waiting for iPhone 5. Interestingly, 5 million units of iPhone 5 were shipped in the first weekend of its launch and definitely, sales of iPhone 5 in Q4 2012 will boost iOS market share in the quarter.

Google already announced Android 4.2 on October 29 this year,  and also 2.7 % of Android users updated their devices to Jelly Bean by November 1. Moreover, ICS adoption rate is steadily increasing despite of sluggish initiation in the last year. Android Jelly Bean is outstanding in terms of functionalities especially in mapping navigation, whereas Apple’s latest mobile OS iteration iOS 6 has been lashed out for poor Mapping app.


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